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WebsByMegan's team includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts and Search Engine Advertising Experts who have worked full-time in the industry since 2002. Our work has enabled numerous sites to top rankings on competitive keywords including "wholesale", "dollar store" and "employment law."

Today, you can expect 60% or more of your potential customers will find your business using an internet search. Your existing and future customers are highly likely to learn about competing businesses to yours through search, whether they are trying to find them or not.

Your business needs optimal positioning in search engine results, like Google, for both your new and returning customers, in order to remain competitive in your industry.

SEO is the art of designing or modifying pages to rank well in search engines.  There are almost 20 billion searches being performed a month in the U.S. (source: comScore). If your customer is on the Internet, your customer is searching. Quickly, search is becoming more and more important on cell phones. Have you ever noticed how often you see people using iphones, and how quickly you saw them spread? Those iphones and other smartphones are driving more and more use of search. Maps, coupons, videos, yellow pages, and your website -- your #1 marketing tool, are all being accessed by your customers through some kind of search.

You have to plan for search if you want your website to help drive your business and add to your success.

Results-Driven Web Design & Online Marketing

WebsByMegan is a professional web design firm located southwestern Connecticut. We work with clients all over the country and internationally providing customized solutions to help your business succeed online.  Our solutions include creative web design, online marketing services, social media campaigns, graphic design, and most importantly proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO is the way to get quality traffic to your website; without SEO your website may look great but not get the visitors you need to grow your business successfully online.

Whether your website requires an easy to use content management system so you can maintain your site yourself, or an online marketing campaign to get your site working for you, each WebsByMegan team expert will handle your project from start to finish.


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